INTERVIEW: Car Warriors Host – Jimmy Shine

Car Warriors Host Jimmy Shine Exclusive Fast Lane Magazine Interview

If you’ve ever been frustrated at how long your car is in the shop or know someone with a terminal case of the “Oh, I can do that”, then you should check out Car Warriors on the Speed Channel. The hit car competition is back for a second second and as one of it’s Food Network counterparts would say, they’ve decided to kick it up a notch.

Jimmy Shine is the host of the show and so much Continue Reading

PICS: Wet Wednesday – Ingrid Wet T-Shirt Shower Pics

FastLaneMag.Com Wet Wednesday @FastLaneMag @DJTalStudio

Since we all like our women wet, I present Ingrid wet T-shirt shower pics for Wet Wednesday! I realize that they’re a bit late, but hey in this case better late than never right? And these are some really HOT fucking pics. I hope that you all agree!

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PORNHUB: America’s Favorite Places To Do The Dirty

Sometimes, that wild urge  to get down and dirty no matter where you might be is simply too hard to ignore. Whether it€™s with that special someone, or some morally questionable guy or gal you picked up God-knows-where, the best places to do work are usually the strangest and outright dirty spots you can think of. But you€™ll be damned if it doesn€™t feel good, right?

The relationship experts at Pornhub feel the same way.  According to Pornhub€™s loyal fan base, America€™s favorite places to do the dirty just happen to be… Continue Reading