WATCH: God Bless America Trailer – NSFW


You have been told that you’ve got a brain tumor and are going to die. What would you do? Do you volunteer to do charity work? Do you go around shooting every and any one you think deserves it? Well in God Bless America we find out what one man decides to do with his last few days on earth, and man is it going to cause a lot of discussion and outrage to say the least!

In a country where people on television who contribute nothing to world are idolized and those who do good things are ignored I have to wonder aren’t we over that stuff yet? Well comedian turned filmmaker Bobcat Goldthwait brings us this sure to be incendiary commentary on a solution to this problem.

If you’ve ever thought about slapping the shit out of the brats on shows like 16 and pregnant, My Sweet 16, The Hills, or any of those shows then this is the movie for you! God Bless America will be available thru Magnolia Pictures on VOD April 6, and in theaters starting May 11 2012!

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