AUTOS: BMW M Performance Steering Wheel Video


The BMW M Performance Steering Wheel. Alcantara with carbon trim and race display. Tested by the german motorsports expert and race driver Tim Schrick. The steering wheel offers secure grip even in extreme driving situations.

Both the design and function of the BMW Performance Steering Wheel captures the feel and spirit of the racetrack.

Based on Formula One instrumentation, the Performance Steering Wheel displays critical data from the powertrain and chassis and positions it where your eyes focus naturally. Intuitive controls and an icon-based interface provide seamless access to a G-meter, a stopwatch with lap timing functions, a quarter-mile timer, an engine temp readout, and adjustable shift lights. Leather and Alcantara® designs add a stylish touch to the vehicle interior and harmonize with other BMW Performance accessories.

By giving you access to such a range of functions without having to take your hands from the wheel, this unique accessory lets you set the pace of every drive. I’m not entirely sure that any of this is particularly useful, but it sure looks freaking great! Check out the video before and let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below. You can also follow us on twitter @FastLaneMag and me personally @DeaqonJames

VIDEO: Star Wars Episode VII Choosing The Director

Star Wars Episode VII Choosing The Director

So news around the midi-chlorinated water cooler this week is all about how the dark side of the force (Star Wars Inc.) is now gonna be headed up by an even darker force the Borg. Ok so we’ve confused our sci-fi ideology but you get the point.

Disney (help us Obi-Wan) is now the proud owner of the legendary Star Wars franchise. Yep, George Lucas sold his company over to the big Anaheim mouse and his co-horts, and he’s giving most of the proceeds of his rebel alliance over to charity, which makes Princess Leia turning into another Disney Princess a dicey state of affairs, now everyone’s wondering about how bad the next Star Wars chapter can get. Our guess: Probably pretty bad.

I mean really? Episode VII? What story will Disney be telling? The Empire has been crushed! What more is there? The wedding of Han and Leia? I dunno but it’s going to be interesting to see!

Here’s one of, we don’t doubt, many, many more spoofs that will litter the intergalactic web for the foreseeable future.

Disney Star Wars Episode VII – Choosing the Director