Gifts: Viktor & Rolf Unveils Bonbon Fragrance! [VIDEO]

224262-800wWhat does a gorgeous naked woman have to do with haute perfume? We have no idea nor do we really care. She’s gorgeous and naked, well with body painted bows but still. Maybe it has to do with the fact that Viktor & Rolf want us to pay very close attention to the launch of their new fragrance Bonbon! Honestly, we have no idea what it smells like but we’re sure it’s got to be pretty good! Continue Reading

Fraser Timepieces ONE44 Chronograph


What’s the use of dropping a few grand on a watch that every second guy at the office already has? For something a little more unique, check out the ONE44. Although it technically doesn’t yet exist other than by renders (as above) and in the head of designer Gordon Fraser, the ONE44 is a modern, handsome and clutter-free limited edition timepiece that’s reasonably priced (with a run of 144 units, chances are you won’t ever see one). Features include an oversized 44mm sand-blasted stainless steel case, sandwiched luminescent dial, sapphire crystal glass and swiss quarts movement (and if that doesn’t float your boat check out the mechanical ONE44, stripped of the chrono).

Check out the lineup at FraserTime and the Watchuseek discussion board for more info – ONE44 Chronograph (900$), mechanical ONE44 (1200$). [source]