VIDEO: Breathtaking Timelapse Of Los Angeles Will Give You Chills

c9215424e9d2f3b2faf9d5a464fec08eLA’s spectacular lights didn’t just inspire a range of amazing glowing shoes in the 90s–they also acted as muse for local lensman Colin Rich, who has spent the last few years covering the city from every conceivable angle. Above, Rich unveils City Lights,  the last in his Trilogy of Light series.

“It was an nightly adventure that took me to almost every angle of Los Angeles,” Rich explains. “It was an exercise in patience. A lesson in light. An understanding of what it is to live amongst each other and to understand the system and order of a city, the seemingly complex organics that make it up and the life form that the city truly is.” Continue Reading

Diva Flashback – Annah Barnes [Pics and Video]

Fast Lane Magazine - Annah Barnes - Playboy Model
Back in the formulative years of this publication when it was called High Speed Magazine I shot with the adorable Annah Barnes. Annah is the Diva who coined the ever popular closing phrase we use in our On The Set videos; “And that’s a wrap!”

She is proof that good things can come in little packages. Even her voice is little. Enjoy the photos and video of Annah Barnes’ shoot with us after the jump! Continue Reading