Hotels.Com Xtreme Booking – Tahoe Ballooning


I spent three days up in Lake Tahoe, well actually the Incline Nevada area for Hotels.Com’s (@HotelsDotCom) Xtreme Booking event. The event was actually to observe the shooting of the commercial for their new mobile app for making room reservations. You may have seen the commercial of the skydiving couples, well they did it for REAL! But that’s another story.

While we were there one of the many amazing experiences was the opportunity to go hot air ballooning. The last time I’d gone I was 16 years old right around the time they discovered fire. This, however was the first time I’d even seen or heard of a hot air balloon taking off and landing from and on a boat!


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We were in the air for a little more than 50 minutes and it was an incredible experience! Aside from the burners being fired every so often it was silent and smooth ride. Another very odd experience was the fact that there was absolutely no wind or moving air which of course was because we were a part of the air!

It was a great trip, and being at the Hyatt Regency was also great. The staff was extremely friendly and the service was great! There will be more from this trip, but I want to again thank Hotels.Com for the incredible trip!

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