FUN: Hot Tub Cinema – London (VIDEO)

large-10Hot Tub Cinema is an experience like no other. Combining relaxing hot tubs, great films and amazing spaces, it is a luxurious event that celebrates film in a fun and engaging way. Attendees can purchase whole tubs to share with friends or buy individual tickets to share with fellow hot tubbers. The tubs are cleaned, refilled and heated before every show.

large-2Popping-up throughout the year in London and around the UK, Hot Tub Cinema is also preparing to tour internationally in the near future. During the summer, we takeover rooftops in central London with astounding views across the city’s inimitable skyline. For the autumn/winter we move indoors to continue the fun hidden away from the unpredictable weather.

large-1Summer 2013 marks Hot Tub Cinema’s first official birthday. Evolving from a private party with one hot tub seven years ago, the first public rooftop screening was on 7th July 2012. Since then the event has grown to include up to 20 hot tubs, two screens and a bespoke surround-sound system, creating a totally unique and fully immersive cinema experience.

HOTELS: Donald Trump to open his first hotel in D.C.

1378839274000-Old-Post-Office-by-Carol-M-Highsmith-largerDonald Trump and his daughter Ivanka Trump today unveiled plans to spend $200 million turning the historic Old Post Office Pavilion in the nation’s capital into a luxury hotel with 270 rooms and presidential suites with bulletproof windows.

Trump International Hotel, Washington D.C. will take up a prime location on Pennsylvania Avenue in between the U.S. Capitol and the White House. Construction will begin in the spring of 2014 and is expected to be completed in late 2015.

D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray (D) told the audience at the Pavilion that the neighborhood in downtown D.C. has a shortage of hotels despite having plenty of museums, historic landmarks, federal buildings and offices to draw business and leisure travelers.

He said the Trump hotel will help “us to define what the hotel industry, what the hospitality industry will be on this side of Pennsylvania Avenue.” Continue Reading

TECH: Minaal ProTravel Carry-On VIDEO

Minaal-ProTravel-Carry-OnThink about every time you’ve waited half an hour for your check-in luggage to show up – after wasting half an hour, and a bunch of cash, checking it in the first place! Or think of that time your luggage didn’t show up… ever.

Think about every time you’ve dragged a fat suitcase up stairs, across cobblestones or broken streets.

Think about that time you wanted to stay flexible and change your flight at the last minute,but your luggage was already checkedContinue Reading

HOMES: Fleur-de-Lys, Holmby Hills section of Beverly Hills, California

TNC-2-hotel-getty-mvAsking price: This home yo-yos on and off the market, but every time it surfaces of late, the price holds steady at $125M.

Distress signals? Yes. Suzanne Saperstein acquired this home, with its 45,000 square feet and 12 bedrooms and 50-seat theater, in her divorce from real estate developer, David Saperstein, who left her for their Swedish nanny.

Big draw: “Patterned after Versailles” should probably have been a clear indication of troubled aspirations. And sure enough, if the Sun King himself ever flew into town, he’d have no trouble recognizing the place, which is easily visible on the eastern approach into LAX.

MORE+: Steve Shaw Shoots Robin Thicke for TREATS! (VIDEO)


You thought Blurred Lines was racy? Check out this sneak peek behind the scenes of the sizzling hot shoot for the cover of Issue 6 featuring Robin Thicke and 6 delicious Treats! frolicking and having fun in the photo studio captured by our very own editor-in-chief Steve Shaw! Check out the Safe For Work version after the jump! Continue Reading

DESTINATIONS: Marlon Brando’s Vision for a Luxurious Sustainable Resort Comes to Life! – VIDEO

Tetiaroa-aerial-north The Brando, a true escape from the excesses of the modern world. Surrounded on all sides by the great blue expanse of the South Pacific, this luxury resort on the private island of Tetiaroa recalls the legends and lifestyle of Polynesian royalty, who chose this island above all others for their summer retreat.

Marlon Brando loved to share, and he had big dreams. The Brando is one of his sharing dreams brought to life. He wanted the world to know and love Polynesia and its people the way he did.

The exquisite Polynesian atoll of Tetiaroa has always been a privileged retreat – a place of utter beauty, peace and tranquility, first for Tahitian royalty as recorded by Bougainville, Cook, Bligh, and others, more recently for Marlon and his family. And now for you. Continue Reading