HOMES: Copper Beech Farm, Greenwich, Connecticut

TNC-1-HOTELS_forweb2-mvDistress signals? Yes. Like so many in the country, current owners John and Lauri Rudey are having trouble keeping up with mortgage payments. So the couple, who are heavily invested in the troubled timber industry, have decided to sell their 50 acre property in Greenwich, CT.

The asking price is nearly five times the record price in town, $40.8 million for an 80 acre property on Conyers Farm Road.

Big draw: Although the house was built in 1898 for a co-founder of U.S. Steel, it’s not so much the Gilded Era manse that accounts for the awe-inspiring price. It’s the untouched waterfront estate, a rival to the Rockefellers’ Kykuit compound in its well-situated proximity to New York-both are about a half hour from Grand Central via presidential motorcade, or ten minutes or so in a helicopter.

Asking price: $190 M