SPONSORED: Lindt Chocolate Heaven Challenge & Event [VIDEO]

SCHWEIZ JUNGFRAUJOCH ROGER FEDERER LINDTSo last week we with Lindt chocolate, Roger Federer and Lindsay Vonn brought you the Chocolate Heaven challenge video.

The video left us a hanging for the most part as to what the challenge was going to be, but we knew the prize had something to do with Lindt chocolates. After all the challenge was called chocolate heaven!

This week however we sort of find out what the challenge is actually going to be, and it has something to do with Switzerland, and tennis.

The video shows breathtaking views of the Swiss Alps broken up by oddly enough a Tennis court in the middel of all that snow on the top of a mountain!

Pretty epic we certainly think! We’d be surprised if you didn’t agree after viewing the video.

SO Federer challenges Vonn to a game of tennis lord knows how many thousands of feet up in the air which would be a spectacular feat for any of us mere mortals in such thin air.

Of cource Federer; a wimbeldon lever tennis player beats Vonn in the challenge stage.

But we kind of can’t help but think that Vonn is a ringer which you will see in the event video. Apparently Vonn can play tennis pretty well much to our surprise; but can she play well enough?

Who won the challenge? Well that remains to be at the end of the video. What any of this has to do with being in a chocolate heaven we’ll never know but the views are gorgeous!

Though this is a sponsored video by Lindt, the opinions are ours.