FASTLANE Lifestyle Magazine’s Top 5 Coolest 80′s Movies We Think Should Be Remade!

hollywood sign fast lane magazine DJ Foothill FASTLANE Lifestyle Magazine’s Top 5 Coolest 80′s Movies We’d like to see Remade!  Because we enjoyed them so much.

Hollywood is spending a lot of time rebooting/remaking 80′s movies and TV shows, and we couldn’t help but think of 5 movies from the 80′s we’d like to see redone! With Fame, Footloose, the coming Red Dawn, Top Gun, and Blade Runner, we thought it’d be fun to figure out 5 we’d like to see remade! Continue Reading

LISTEN: Throwback Thursday 80′s Mega Mix

DJ Foothill's Throwback Thursday's 80's MegaMix - www.FastLaneMag.Com @DJTalStudio @FastLaneMag It’s the last Throwback Thursday of the month and this month we had our 80′s week and I’m gonna top it off with this mega mix! One and a half hours of some of the best tracks the 80′s had to offer! Mixes, scratches, cuts… the works! So check it out! And if you like it share it!

DJ Foothill – Fast Lane Magazine 80′s Pop MegaMix
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LISTEN: Mix966FM.Com Back To The 80s Friday Quick Mix

Oh yeah… DJ Dave Stylus (@DaveStylus) over at Mix966FM dusted off the classic crates, and broke with this 80′s mix up! I present to you all the DJ Dave Stylus Friday Quick Mix we takin’ back to the old school, and those of us here in Los Angeles will get it this, but we’re taking it back with some classic KROQ! So for your drive to work pop this in!

Friday Fast Lane Back To The 80′s Quickie Mix – Dave Stylus
You can download this mix over at Mix966FM!

20 Top Car Ads From the 80′s


It’s hard to believe that the‚ 1980s ended more than 20 years ago. Then again, maybe we just don’t want to believe the 80s ended that long ago. Either way, it was a pretty long time ago, we do remember quite a bit of the music, fashion, the hair (oh, the hair) and, most importantly of all, the cars. Those four era-defining touchstones often came together in TV ads and promotional films. Here are 20 of our favorite such videos, preserved in all their fluffy-mane-babe-filled, giant-TURBO-decaled glory. Radical!

So after the jump check out the best ads for cars from the 1980′s Continue Reading