SEX SURVEY: Sexual Satisfaction Survey

This week we’ve been posting numerous facts from our friends over at Lifestyles Condoms, who will be giving away some super sexy swag to four of our readers! So check out the survey results below and make sure you study them because we’re going to be giving you a quiz. What you didn’t think we were just going to be giving it away! So check the stats below and don’t forget to fill out the form below.

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Ladies; Carrying A Condom In NYC Might Get You Locked Up! (DETAILS)


Trying not to get arrested, ladies? Well next time you go out in New York City, just make sure you don’t wear a short skirt and leave the condoms at home. A new study from the Sex Workers Project reveals that if a NYC police officer thinks you’re dressed scantily and you happen to be carrying a condom, you are automatically a prostitute.


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“Dump Day”: Thinking Of Kicking Your Partner To The Curb? Deadline is Now!

Monday, November 19th (or Tuesday the 20th at the VERY latest) marks “Dump Day”: the last day before the holidays you have to break up with someone before you have to ride it out until after Valentine’s Day.

No one (unless you’re really heartless) wants to dump someone on Thanksgiving and ruin his/her family time. Giving someone the boot at Christmas is just downright evil, especially since they’ve likely already purchased a gift. After that, New Year’s and Continue Reading

Back-to-School Survival Kit and College Sex Stats

It€™s that time of year again! College students across the country are packing up their station wagons with brightly colored bedding, books, and boxes of Raman Noodles to head back to school. Whether you€™re a first year freshman or a veteran senior, this Back-to-School Survival Guide features the TOP 10 ITEMS YOU MIGHT HAVE MISSED  (or the stuff you purposely avoided) when shopping with mom.  Especially number four. Check it out.

Included in this list are LifeStyles SKYN Condoms.  The recently released Lifestyles Sexual Satisfaction Survey emphasizes the need for adding condoms to that checklist of back-to-school essentials. Findings within the 18-24 year old age group show:  Continue Reading

WIN: Free Sex Swag From Lifestyles Condoms

We’re winding down our week of summer and sex survey results! And we’ve got some good ones for you today! Tomorrow the contest ends so make sure that you sign up for your chance to win some sex swag from Lifestyles Condoms, and a free one year subscription to Fast Lane Lifestyle magazine. The contest ends Tomorrow and we’re going to quiz you so fill out the form below and pay attention! :)

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OK now hit the jump and let’s get it started!

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SEX: Women Like Rear Entry More Than Other Types!

We’re back for day 3 of more sex facts from Lifestyles Condoms. Paying attention here can win you some really cool and sexy swag from Lifestyles condoms who actually make a lot more than just condoms! Who knew! So check out these fun facts below and pay attention because there will be a test. And fill out the information in the form at the end of the facts to be entered to win!  Continue Reading

SEX: Women More Likely Than Men To Cheat

Today the results of the survey seem to show that women cheat more than man and are more likely to cheat than men! Can you imagine that? Well it makes sense since it’s so easy for women to hook up than men! Also it seems women are less likely to use condoms than men! Don’t believe us? Check the results below.

Welcome to day two of our Lifestyles Condoms Sex and Summer Music Festival Season contest. We’re giving you the fun and interesting results of the sex survey and then at the end of the week after the mini quiz we’re going to be giving away four condom prize packs. So get ready for some hot summer fun courtesy of @FastLaneMag and Lifestyles Condoms!

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