Frisky Friday – Shotgun Diva Talisa Holmes Starsky & Hutch [PIC]

Shotgun Diva Talisa Holmes - Frisky Friday - DJ FoothillWell it’s our first Frisky Friday and we thought we’d start it off with the very sexy Talisa Holmes. Hair and Make Up by @GrusomeBeauty and @ChristiLynnMua respectively! The car is the Gran Torino from the 70′s television show Starsky and Hutch and from the movie with Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller.

The full layout can be seen in our June 2010 issue right here on the site. Along with the Batmobile, the Mystery Machine and the Back To The Future Delorean! Check it out and let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below.


Johanna Lundback Calls All The Shots – (Gallery)

johanna-lundback-017Johanna Lundback knows how to work her body and sex appeal the way she wants it. A woman like her will make any man beg for her attention. It’s as if she’s all types wrapped up in one tiny voluptuous package.

In this photoshoot with Nelly Lingerie, she goes to town with the camera. I don’t know whether to stroke her hair or massage her feet. Every shot brings a new attitude that’s only matched by theintensity in her eyes. She doesn’t try to be a model, she just is – and that’s probably the sexiest thing about her. Continue Reading

DIVAS: Shotgun Diva Melissa Anfuso – GALLERY

melissa_anfuso_shotgun_diva_FastLaneMag002Digging into the photo archives we found these images of the absolutely gorgeous Canadian model Melissa Anfuso from our November 2010 issue which you can see here. It was the last issue that we featured both girls and custom cars. We’ve of course since changed our direction but the one thing that will still remain is our love and featuring of some absolutely gorgeous women!

Wait til you see what we have coming up. In the meantime we hope that you enjoy these images and let us know your thoughts! Continue Reading