DJ 9Livez 80′s Quick Mix

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I’m not as good as DJ Dave Stylus from Mix966FM but back in the day I was known to spin up a few tracks and set a few clubs on fire. So since this is the wind down of our 80′s week I thought I’d clear the dust off and fire up the turn tables and make my own 80′s mix. So here it is. Please forgive the bad quality of the mixes. So let me know if I should keep the wheels of steel out after you’ve listened to my 80s Mix.

AUDIO: Mix966FM.Com Dave Stylus Friday Fast Lane Feel Good Quick Mix

Mix966FM.Com Fast Lane Magazine Quick Mix DJ Dave Stylus @DaveStylus @FastLaneMag

This weeks Mix966FM Dave Stylus Friday Fast Lane Feel Good Quick Mix is killing it!  The Entertainer Dave Stylus with the help of his wacky sound engineer Fry Weezie is musically all over the place, but it’s a great way to get your party started! Make sure to go to Mix966 to download the MP3 version!

Put on your seat belt because you’re about to get into the Fast Lane and it’s sure to make you move. Just to give you an idea of what @DaveStylus over at @Mix966FM has gotten in to this mix includes Funk, Freestyle, House, Latin House, Rock, 80′s, 90′s, 00′s, Classic Hip Hop, and of course Old School…  and so much more!

Friday Fast Lane Feel Good Quickie Mix
We hope that you enjoy and make sure to hear other mixes by The Entertainer Dave Stylus and Fry Weezie along with booking information at their Website Mix966FM. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below and make sure to share with your friends!

LISTEN: Dave Stylus Mix966FM Aqua Boog-e Mega mix 1

Mix966FM Dave Stylus Agua Boog-E Mix - Fast Lane Lifestyle Magazine

As you all should know by now, the Entertainer DJ Dave Stylus @DaveStylus and his engineer Fry Weezy who is a total pervy weirdo do these incredible mixes! Well Dave is about to come on board as our Music editor. You know; once we get his contract sorted. These damn superstars and their six figure salaries!

Check out Dave’s Aqua Boog-E mix and then check him out at Mix966FM for booking infomation! In the meantime! Enjoy Part 1 of the Aqua Boog-E Old School mix! Continue Reading

LISTEN: Monday Mix Madness DJ Dave Stylus – Booty Quick Mix

Dave Stylus the Entertainer - Mix9666FM.Com

Don’t let his boyish look fool you. Our resident beat mix master The Entertainer Dave Stylus will mix, slice, and cut it up for you. @DaveStylus is also the Music Editor for Fast Lane Lifestyle Magazine! Go Dave. But I wanted to drop this latest work of Dave’s on you. His Booty Quick Mix. Don’t forget to check Dave Stylus out at his website Mix966FM.Com! Check his mix after the jump! Continue Reading