#WCW: High Speed Diva Dylan Johnson Photo Gallery

CRW_7384Dylan Johnson is the Diva who pretty much bullied her way onto the pages of FASTLANE Magazine back when we were still trying to find ourselves and were High Speed Magazine. I got a call from Dylan back when we were doing a model search for the new team of Divas and she wanted to meet up. She actually told me. “Once you meet me you will certainly put me on the team!” Well she wasn’t wrong at all.  Continue Reading

Dec 2010 Mee Mee B Issue [MAGAZINE]

It gives me great pleasure to release the final issue of High Speed Magazine! This month’s issue features the ever deserving Mee Mee B! This issue represents three years of market testing and now it’s time to say goodbye to this brand, and who better to grace our cover than the hard working and extremely dedicated Mee Mee B.

Notable layouts also are brought in by miss Richelle Ryan who has incredible assets and isn’t shy about showing them off at all. The images we didn’t put into the magazine would blow your mind. And just to get your motors running miss Vanessa White brings in an extremely smoldering set.

Oh and it would be a dereliction of duty not to mention the hot set that we included of miss Dylan Johnson I can’t believe how much content I still have left over of miss Johnson’s sexy sassy ass. At any rate, please don’t forget that you can this and several other issues in print form. But as always it’s FREE to read here on the net.

Though the print issue for this month has a few different pictures than the web version of the magazine. :D

Just wait until you see what we’ve got coming up next! It’s going to be WAY hot, and it’s gonna rock! Keep checking back.

High Speed Magazine OCT2010

Fast Lane Magazine: High Speed Magazine OCT2010

Mee Mee B the October 2010 High Speed Diva. Dylan Johnson, Richelle Ryan, Vanessa White, Whitney Troutman

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June 2010 Star Cars Issue [DIGITAL ISSUE]

June 2010 Star Cars Issue - Divas Dylan Johnson, Shawnae Belvedere, MeeMeeB - Photo: DJ Foothill

Hello everyone;

Of all the issues so far this has been the most arduous and painful one for me to put out to date. But FINALLY it’s done and available for your viewing!

This month’s issue feature some of the High Speed Divas 2011! Shawnae Belvedere, Dylan Johnson, and MeeMee B. We also had the incredible pleasure of working with The Delorean from Back To The Future, The Original Batmobile, Scooby Doo’s Mystery Machine, and the Starsky and Hutch Gran Torino! Thanks to Nate Truman and his crew from Star Cars!

I certainly want to thank the ladies who came out for this issue. They include Shotgun Divas, Shea Smith, Talisa Holmes, Nikki Benz and Sarah Zuber!

Also the High Speed Divas team for 2011 will be the models who will appear in each issue of High Speed Magazine, and on two covers per year. While I do realize this is an unusual way to fun a magazine it’s the way we’re doing it.

I also wish to welcome our new team members. Efren Pena’ who is in charge of the layout and who designed the new logo you see on the cover. Amanda Watts was responsible for all the touch ups on all the images. Also welcoming Lisa Tom who is going to be editing all of video clips so they’ll have a new finished professional look!

At any rate without any further delay or Dylan Johnson will probably stab me here is the newest issue!

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