LifeStyles Condoms’ Valentine’s Day Survey Reveals Holiday Behaviors


Did you know that Valentine’s Day is also widely recognized as National Condom Day?  Great news for those committed to the practice of safe sex, researchers at the Indiana University School of Public Health – home to the famed Kinsey Institute of sexual medicine research – recently discovered through a 1600 participant survey that thanks to advancements in condom technology, men and women consistently rate sex as highly arousing and pleasurable, even sex with condoms! Continue Reading

Casamingos Tequila – George Clooney & Rande Gerber’s Personalized Party

Rande Gerber and George Clooney love tequila . George Clooney, Rande Gerber and Mike Meldman are suckers of the sweet agave known as tequila. Having spent so many nights imbibing with pleasure, they decided to make their own brand. In fact they decided to over see the entire process and taste each batch and approve it with their signature. Welcome to Casamingos Tequila.



The tequila itself is luxury embodied (sans the mega billionaire trio) due to being made with 100% Blue Weber Agave in Jalisco, which creates a smooth caramel flavor. The Blanco is distilled in copper stills and aged for two months in steel containers giving a pure velvety taste you won’t find in most tequila’s distilled in wood barrels.. The Resposo (dark tequila), is distilled in white oak barrels reserved for whiskey creating a hint of flavor made for elite tastebuds. The overall tequila’s from Casamingo’s are made in limited batches numbered, dated and signed by Gerber & Clooney.





Clooney and Gerber used. smart marketing by using their model girlfriends/wives for their new brand of lust in a bottle. The though of ending up in bed with Cindy Crawford and Stacy Keibler are enough to bring any man to their knees. Or at least they did in their promotional film.

Frank, Dean Sammy and the boys would be proud. Suits are overcoming swagger and real drinks are being made by real men. George Clooney has conquered acting, directing, producing and now his favorite drink. Rande Gerber owns an empire and has conquered….Cindy Crawford. That alone deserves recognition.

The new Billionaire Brat Pack has honored a fading society honoring real men, millions and….tequila.

Sex Toys In Your “Normal” Sex “Routine”

Our friends at Lifestyles known for their condoms and so many other goodies asked this question and we’ve got the results for you. We’d love to know your thoughts on the matter as we have some pretty cool gift packs to give away. We have FIVE of them to be exact. And the contest ends on Dec 12 to make sure you get your stocking stuffers before Christmas.  Continue Reading

“Dump Day”: Thinking Of Kicking Your Partner To The Curb? Deadline is Now!

Monday, November 19th (or Tuesday the 20th at the VERY latest) marks “Dump Day”: the last day before the holidays you have to break up with someone before you have to ride it out until after Valentine’s Day.

No one (unless you’re really heartless) wants to dump someone on Thanksgiving and ruin his/her family time. Giving someone the boot at Christmas is just downright evil, especially since they’ve likely already purchased a gift. After that, New Year’s and Continue Reading

Back-to-School Survival Kit and College Sex Stats

It€™s that time of year again! College students across the country are packing up their station wagons with brightly colored bedding, books, and boxes of Raman Noodles to head back to school. Whether you€™re a first year freshman or a veteran senior, this Back-to-School Survival Guide features the TOP 10 ITEMS YOU MIGHT HAVE MISSED  (or the stuff you purposely avoided) when shopping with mom.  Especially number four. Check it out.

Included in this list are LifeStyles SKYN Condoms.  The recently released Lifestyles Sexual Satisfaction Survey emphasizes the need for adding condoms to that checklist of back-to-school essentials. Findings within the 18-24 year old age group show:  Continue Reading

SEX: Women Like Rear Entry More Than Other Types!

We’re back for day 3 of more sex facts from Lifestyles Condoms. Paying attention here can win you some really cool and sexy swag from Lifestyles condoms who actually make a lot more than just condoms! Who knew! So check out these fun facts below and pay attention because there will be a test. And fill out the information in the form at the end of the facts to be entered to win!  Continue Reading