Diva Flashback – Mee Mee B Scooby Doo Shoot [Video]

Scooby Doo's Daphne never looked as sexy as Fast Lane Magazines High Speed Diva Mee Mee B

These are some pics of miss Mee Mee B from here very first shoot for us back in March 2010. This layout came out in the June 2010 Star Cars issue of High Speed Magazine which is what we were originally called. This is possibly Mee Mee B’s most popular set to date; so much so that even Howard Stern liked this set and talked about it on his show! Check out the pics and video below Continue Reading

Diva Of The Week Mee Mee B

High Speed Diva Mee Mee B Scooby Doo Mystery Machine - DJ Foothill- Fast Lane Magazine

Our Diva of the week this week is non other than the formidable Mesheena Burr known to us simply as MeeMee B ( @DivaMeeMee ), as if there are so many other MeeMee’s. Well none that really matter. Mee Mee B did her first shoot with us in March 2010 and landed on the cover of the June 2010 Starcars issue with the Mystery Machine of Scooby Doo fame.

Born in Kanigawa Yokuska, Japan a.k.a Godzilla land; High Speed Diva Mee Mee B moved to the states when she was five years old. She’s also lived in the Philippines for months at a time growing up. One of the things that stands out most in my mind about MeeMee, well beside her great ass and nice 34C boobs is her personality.  For as accomplished as Mee Mee is she is also very sweet.

Mee Mee is a lot of fun to have on set, and she has a beauty which comes from deep within and then exudes outwardly. Not to mention that Mee Mee is very very smart and intelligent which makes her a totally sexy woman. How she packs so much into her 5′ 3″ frame is beyond me, but I’m glad she does.


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Mee Mee beside working with High Speed Media and Fast Lane Magazine also does numerous appearances at car shows and automotive related events and is one hell of a go go dancer. So good in fact that she’s been featured in music videos! While in title @MeeMeeB is a Diva it’s only in name. She is extremely easy going and great to have on set.

You should also check her out on her own cover issue for us when we were called High Speed Magazine.

Only one other Diva has appeared on two covers. Can you name the other one? Let us know below by leaving us a comment or on Twitter @FastLaneMag follow my photography Twitter @DJTalStudio for #NSFW images that I post there!



Dec 2010 Mee Mee B Issue [MAGAZINE]

It gives me great pleasure to release the final issue of High Speed Magazine! This month’s issue features the ever deserving Mee Mee B! This issue represents three years of market testing and now it’s time to say goodbye to this brand, and who better to grace our cover than the hard working and extremely dedicated Mee Mee B.

Notable layouts also are brought in by miss Richelle Ryan who has incredible assets and isn’t shy about showing them off at all. The images we didn’t put into the magazine would blow your mind. And just to get your motors running miss Vanessa White brings in an extremely smoldering set.

Oh and it would be a dereliction of duty not to mention the hot set that we included of miss Dylan Johnson I can’t believe how much content I still have left over of miss Johnson’s sexy sassy ass. At any rate, please don’t forget that you can this and several other issues in print form. But as always it’s FREE to read here on the net.

Though the print issue for this month has a few different pictures than the web version of the magazine. :D

Just wait until you see what we’ve got coming up next! It’s going to be WAY hot, and it’s gonna rock! Keep checking back.

High Speed Magazine OCT2010

Fast Lane Magazine: High Speed Magazine OCT2010

Mee Mee B the October 2010 High Speed Diva. Dylan Johnson, Richelle Ryan, Vanessa White, Whitney Troutman

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