The Call is Coming from inside the House! Terrorizing Movie Phone Calls

screamHave you ever realized that many action and horror flicks start with a deadly phone call. You know the kind that has an ominous origin and then gets our protagonist off and running in all manner of harried directions leading to the inevitable showdown in the last 30 minutes of the movie.  It’s a formula that has worked time and time again, and isn’t likely to go away any time soon. Continue Reading

FASTLANE Lifestyle Magazine’s Top 5 Coolest 80′s Movies We Think Should Be Remade!

hollywood sign fast lane magazine DJ Foothill FASTLANE Lifestyle Magazine’s Top 5 Coolest 80′s Movies We’d like to see Remade!  Because we enjoyed them so much.

Hollywood is spending a lot of time rebooting/remaking 80′s movies and TV shows, and we couldn’t help but think of 5 movies from the 80′s we’d like to see redone! With Fame, Footloose, the coming Red Dawn, Top Gun, and Blade Runner, we thought it’d be fun to figure out 5 we’d like to see remade! Continue Reading