Pan African Film Festival’s Bulleit Frontier Film – Blackbird!

BlackBird2_smOnce a year African American filmmakers and artists come together to display the efforts of their creativity and artistry. Since it’s likely you’ve not heard of this film festival which we didn’t know about until we were invited by Bulleit who were sponsoring some of the events surrounding the festival. The first Pan African Film Festival was organized in 1992 by actors Danny Glover, and Ja’net Dubois, and Whoopi Goldberg and Danny Glover co-hosted the festival which featured over 40 films by black directors from four continents. The Pan African Film Festival (PAFF) as their website states; is a non-profit corporation dedicated to the promotion of cultural and racial tolerance and understanding through the exhibition of film, art and creative expression. Continue Reading

Godzilla [Trailer]

godzilla_posterWe were wondering when they were going to try and undo the 1999 Godzilla debacle and we’ve got our answer. It seems they’ve gone back to basics and this time Godzilla is going to be epic! Though it seems there has been a major delay in production as we’d written about the rumors surrounding the new Godzilla movie a while ago. No matter though, we are happy to see the big guy coming back to the big screen and hopefully this time we won’t be disappointed. Continue Reading

15 Of The Best Movies From The 90′s


The 1990′s as some of us recall it was a great decade. For music, jobs, lifestyle and of course one of our favorite topics. Movies. Late last year we asked our readers, Divas, and crew members what they thought were the best movies from the 1990′s and well this is what we got back in terms of their input. After all the submissions were tallied below is what we came up with. So enjoy! And let us know what your thoughts are. Continue Reading