LISTEN: Mix966FM.Com Dave Stylus and Fry Weezie Commercial Spot

Mix966FM.Com Friday Quick Mix Spot

By now you all know about Mix966FM and their entertainment team DJ Dave Stylus the entertainer and his Engineer and mixologist Fry Weezie! Well this is a 19 minute commercial mix spot showcasing the Friday mix show. You never really ever know what’s going to be coming out of their lab. There are some seriously CRAZY ass tracks coming out on this spot alone. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Fry Weezie is really nuts but he’s damn good on the 1′s and 2′s. Good thing @DaveStylus can keep him in check. But check out this crazy ass mix, that’s got tons of crazy stuff!

Dave Stylus is currently taking requests for the upcoming Friday Quick Mixes! You can hear more mixes by this insane duo at Mix966 FM

Mix966FM.Com Fry Weezie Dave Stylus Friday Mix Spot

MUSIC: Top 5 Anti-Depression Songs

At some point or another we’ve all found ourselves in a place in our lives for whatever reason, that we are just in a funk that for some reason takes over. It kind of looks like the end of Sleeping Beauty when the prince is battling the evil dragon! Well in my “minds eye” or whatever.

After being in a serious funk these last few days for one reason or another, I figured I’d plug in my new Fanny Wangz headphones I am going to be reviewing and listen to some music while I worked and a song came on that immediately got my spirits lifted right away, and I got to thinking about the power of music. Continue Reading

Olympics’ Hottest Women Share Playlists Exclusively on Rdio

olympic_hotties_FastLaneMag006The XXII Olympic Winter Games are upon us, and some of the top athletes in the world are getting ready for the tough global competition of winter’s biggest sporting event!  It may be cold in Sochi, but some of the most decorated female athletes are heating things up on hot music streaming service Rdio.

With the Opening Ceremony over, and to celebrate the 2014 winter Olympics, we got Olympic gold medalist skier Julia Mancuso, silver medalist snowboarder Gretchen Bleiler, and silver medalist hockey player Hilary Knight to each share a playlist from travel tunes to favorite jams! Check out their playlists below.

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