PICS: Tami Carney Wet Wednesday


Tami Carney (@TamiCarney)is a resident of the city notoriously known as Sin City! To look at her you’d never believe that she was the mother of two young children. That’s right ladies Tami gives you no excuse to not be in shape after having kids. Tami is a baller chick which is just one of the many qualities that makes her a Diva!

But click past the jump below and well … ENJOY Tami Carney’s probably #NSFW images!

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Diva Of The Week 02-28-11 Tami Carney [VIDEO]

Fast Lane Magazine High Speed Diva  - Tami Carney Diva Of The Week: DJ Foothill

Tami Carney (@TamiCarney) from the land of lost wages also known as Las Vegas is this weeks Diva – Check out her stats and video! Tami is one of the baddest chicks on the planet to say the least!

Model: Tami Carney

Appears in several issues of High Speed Magazine through 2009 & 2010

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Photo By: DJ Foothill @DJTalStudio

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Oct 2009 – Jennifer Korbin Issue [DIGITAL MAGAZINE / VIDEO]

Jennifer Korbin Oct 09 - DJ Foothill

October 2009 issue of High Speed Magazine features glamour supermodel Jennifer Korbin! Jennifer brings in the hottest cover and layout we’ve done to date! We went down to one of our favorite spots to shoot JStar Motors in Anaheim California to really heat things up!


Model: Jennifer Korbin (
Photographer: DJ Foothill (@DJTalStudio)
Makeup: Jennifer Pham
Hair: Alexander Peuchot
Style : Jennifer Korbin
Vehicle Courtesy: JStar Motors Anaheim CA (

I had been thinking about doing a car wash shoot for a very long time and well today was the day. We trucked over to the newly opened Anaheim JStarMotors and set up this Gumball Rally Aero. Jennifer was VERY accomodating during our shoot and even allowed us to get her very wet considering that it wasn’t the warmest day!

In case you aren’t aware, Jennifer Korbin is the star of Showtime’s newest series called Lingerie where she plays a model turned lingerie designer. Jennifer has also been seen on the pages of Playboy, Mac n Bumble, as well as numerous other publications.


Also in this issue is new comer Jillian Lang who I met for the first time when I lived in Las Vegas. I had the opportunity to shoot with Jillian twice and both times were a total joy.

One of my favorite ladies to work with brings in our bathtub layout. Miss Nikki Darling! This is one woman who is stunningly gorgeous and is actually very hilarious. She did a video clip of her just talking to the video camera a few years back that had us rolling.


Designer Alena Dawn is featured this month in a layout which was shot in the Las Vegas recording studio of Malle’ Mal and Black Rhino. She is joined in her layout by Jeniece Harper! Who is also featured this month. Talk about an incredibly gorgeous woman.

Pamela Jean Noble makes her first appearance in our magazine. Fresh off of starring in her first feature film ressurecting Mary. You should certainly check it out!

Bringing the issue to a close is Tami Carney ( in a shower set. This seems to be the WET month for us!

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June 2009 – Dylan Johnson Lowrider Issue [DIGITAL MAGAZINE]

jun09 FastLane magazine - Dylan Johnson
High Speed Diva Dylan Johnson graces the cover of the June issue of High Speed Magazine. This is one of the hottest issues we’ve done to date.

June 2009 issue of High Speed Magazine featuring Fast Lane Magazine High Speed Diva @DivaDylanJ, Lisa Michelle Dixon, @JenevaJones, @TashaReign, Elis Gonzalez, @KristenFaulconer, and @TheTamiCarney !



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 jun09 FastLane magazine - Dylan Johnson- DJ-Foothill